Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Election Results by VS

I'm sure many people are just as sick of the post-election detox / reflection / autopsy as they were of the election itself.  Or perhaps people are craving more discussion in hopes of understanding what happened and all the many things to come.

For the record, I'd like to classify myself as an independent, but since there are really only 2 sides in the US, I find myself on the Democratic side a vast majority of the time.  And I voted for Hillary Clinton. 

The following it my 3 cents.  Here's the TL;DR version: Progress is nothing if not two steps forward, one step back. 

Eventually, things will be moving forward again.  This is just a temporary and necessary motion backwards.  Assuming we don't find ourselves in a nuclear war or something.  Remember all those episodes of The Twilight Zone and post-apocalyptic 80s movies?  Collectively, I believe America thought that shit was in the past.  Yet, there's a small chance that was foreshadowing an event or chain of events that will come to pass in the next 4 years.

I've been reading various blog posts such as +Kasimir Urbanski (RPGpundit) and a few others.  This election was partially a direct result of the country sick and tired of all the SJW and whining about masculine toxicity, white privilege, sexism, rape culture, LGBTQRSPV (and however many letters will eventually be added), etc.  And when peaceful protests turn into riots, including violence and destruction of property... well, that just makes your side look like the assholes you aren't, so stop it already!

As a straight white male, I feel I can see both sides.  I'm all for equality and a progressive agenda, everybody deserves a fair shake, free education and health care.  This country shits on minorities, women, homosexuals, and a lot of disenfranchised individuals and groups all the time.  It fucking sucks.

On the other hand, this new millennial-driven inclusive agenda is starting to sound a bit repetitive and shout-y, especially when it's backed up by wrong-headed activism (like trying to get Alpha Blue banned from OBS).  Everyday Americans have had enough.  For them, Trump is nostalgic.  He's their OSR, albeit in a twisted, negative, and ridiculous way.  It sucks, but I can't blame them for wanting to keep the US recognizable from their perspective.

I don't know.  I can't predict the future.  However, that won't stop me from prognosticating right here and now...

  • No one will know how it's all going to turn out.  I have a feeling it won't just be liberals and a few "never trump" conservatives who will be disappointed.  Trump is the wild card of wild cards, and any Trump voter/supporter who thinks he knows what he's getting is most likely in for a surprise.

  • A lot of giddy, gloating, sore winner Republicans will out themselves as pieces of vile filth and will either lose their jobs or be forced to endure an unpleasant backlash they weren't expecting.  Actually, it's already happening.

  • I believe this victory will actually propel the United States into a new progressive age.  If Republicans get their way with majorities in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches, it will give Americans a true taste of what they ordered - and it will eventually sicken them to the point where Republicanism is about as popular as neo-Nazi and KKK organizations are today.

Ok, I've probably said enough on this topic.  If anyone wants to talk politics or whatever, feel free.  I try to be open minded while still holding onto my own beliefs, independent of the two major political parties.


p.s.  One more thing, for what it's worth, Bernie Sanders might have won (if he'd been the Democratic nominee), but he's too far left for the United States (at this time).  So, if he did become our next President, we might have gone two steps forward and three steps back.

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