Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote Today!

Yes, the United States Presidential election is also important, but I'm talking about this...

Vote for your favorite Kort'thalis Publishing product! 

Below is a list of everything I've put out since October 2013 (it's been a busy 3 years).  I'm so close to 20 that I can practically taste the blood dripping off Kalthalax's infernal blade. 

But it's hiatus time, sadly.  Although, let's not be too sad because the wife is giving birth to twins any day now (yay!) and the break will do me good - I hope to come back stronger than ever in 2017!

Simply comment with your favorite.  If you can include a brief explanation or anecdote, please feel free to elaborate on your choice. 

Kort'thalis Publishing Products
  1. Liberation of the Demon Slayer
  2. The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence
  3. Revelry in Torth
  4. The Baleful Sorcerer of Tsathag'kha
  5. Three Swordsmen
  6. Crimson Dragon Slayer
  7. Crimson Dragon Slayer, edition 1.11
  8. Descent into the Candy Crypts
  9. No Escape from New York
  10. How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss
  11. The Outer Presence
  12. Alpha Blue
  13. Girls Gone Rogue
  14. Universal Exploits
  15. A Green Jewel They Must Possess
  16. Slaves of Tsathoggua
  17. Slippery When Wet
  18. The S'rulyan Vault
  19. Death Race: Fury Road
  20. Roll twice... ;)

Thanks for taking part in this survey.  Discovering what you like best will help me create more of your favorites.


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