Sunday, March 13, 2016

Girls Gone Rogue PDF

The PDF of Girls Gone Rogue is here.  It's 80 pages (I only promised about 50)!  A print-on-demand version is coming very soon.

Before furnishing the free maps created by Glynn Seal of +MonkeyBlood Design for Alpha Blue and Girls Gone Rogue, I'd like to thank all the Kickstarter backers.  Thanks, guys!  Couldn't have done this without you.

One last thing... creating the (softcore) porn version of a 1970's style science-fiction RPG was kind of a risk.  I didn't know if anyone would "get it", like it, want to play it, or even purchase the damn thing.  It was a total gamble - but it paid off.  Alpha Blue has found an audience, despite a few vocal naysayers.

With Girls Gone Rogue, I doubled down.  Not just more of the same.  I tried to stretch myself, to boldly go in new and filthier directions.  Sure, the text is a bit more "blue" at times, but it's the artwork that takes the cake.  A few images go above and beyond risque.  Alpha Blue tested the waters... Girls Gone Rogue dives right in.  The water's fine.  Enjoy!

Ok, below are the Dropbox links...

Alpha Blue space station

Blue Flamingo

Sunfish starship

The Cantina

Memphis Beast

Tiny Dancer

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