Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gary Con and Beyond

Tomorrow morning, I'll be making my way to Lake Geneva for Gary Con.  Should get some great pictures and a few entertaining stories.  Looking forward to being there and running games!

Meanwhile, I created a new RPG Meetup for Sun Prairie.  Last Saturday was session two of a new once a month D&D 5th edition campaign.  I'm mixing Liberation of the Demon Slayer and The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence because my creative energy is exhausted from finishing up Girls Gone Rogue.  But now that that's 99% complete, I'll be able to put more of myself into adventure writing.

Before I go, just wanted to give a dice-praising shout-out to a translucent d20 that was in a set of polyhedrons left over from my Alpha Blue kickstarter.  It honest-to-Cthulhu scored no less than 9 critical hits in last week's game.  Yes, nine times!  The party's cleric died and a couple other PCs almost tasted the big purple tentacle in the sky.

All hail Akahl, ye make players think twice before engaging in combat.  Akahl!  Akahl!  Akahl!


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