Monday, March 21, 2016

Alpha Blue temporarily suspended

I won't go into a rant, lecture, or tirade on censorship, artistic freedom, etc.  Just wanted everyone to know that Alpha Blue got a temporary suspension from DriveThruRPG.

You can read the copy/pasted email below...

A customer has reported your title as potentially containing offensive content. We have had a quick look at the title and decided to temporarily suspend the title (i.e., turn it Private, not Public) on pending a thorough staff review of its content. We aim to review all titles within two business weeks.

Most titles we review are found not to contain offensive content and are reinstated for sale in short order. If that is the case here, the title will then be whitelisted so other customers can not report it again. For new release titles suspended during their initial release period, we will reset the title’s release on our marketplace so that it is once again treated as a new release.

If our review determines there is content in the product that we may not want for sale on, then we will be in touch with you again to discuss the matter in more detail.

We appreciate your patience while we conduct the review. Please do not turn the product back to Public until we’ve concluded our review. You will hear from us again as soon as our review is completed.



FYI, softcover copies of Alpha Blue are available on and CreateSpace (where I get a slightly higher percentage of the profit).

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