Saturday, February 27, 2016

Going, Going, Gone!

I'll blog about today's 5e game on Monday. Right now, I just want to mention Girls Gone Rogue one last time.

The Kickstarter has about 19 hours left to go, then it's over and in about 4 or 5 weeks, the PDF will be in your sweet, salacious hands.

Since Girls Gone Rogue is a supplement of the Alpha Blue RPG, I'd like to mention a few things...

An unboxing video...

Nemo's Lounge reviewed Alpha Blue here.

The Sorcerer's Skull reviewed it here.

But Girls Gone Rogue goes deeper.  It's got even more random tables, locations, NPCs, humor, sleaze, and adventuring possibilities... and the artwork is a bit filthier.  You're welcome.  Even if you prefer another sci-fi RPG, these books can give your campaign that edge, that... je ne sais quoi you've been looking for; taking it from PG to NC-17.

Check out the KS updates containing dropbox links to FREE (for personal, non-commercial use) maps.  You don't have to participate or back anything.  A cantina/bar/club and three starships are yours for the taking!  Glynn Seal of +MonkeyBlood Design did such an amazing job.

I was talking to a player in last week's Alpha Blue game and he was both impressed with the maps and the game, calling it a "breath of fresh air".  If you've been stuck in a fantasy rut (like many of us at one point or another), the space station brothel could be your home away from home.

If you know a gamer who might be interested in such things, tell them about the KS.  They can get both Alpha Blue and Girls Gone Rogue for a good price.  Also, there are still two top-tier backer reward packages.  I received the t-shirts today and they look sexy and badass!



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