Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blue-Streaming the Sexy Space Action Live!

I want to thank Fantastic Dimensions for running a session of Alpha Blue and posting it to youtube.

Obviously, playing an RPG is preferable to watching other people play, but this video will give blue-curious gamers a better idea of what it's like to inhabit this starry, hooker-filled galaxy - from character creation to "dark and unexpected places"...

There's some great reviews up on the DTRPG page, so check those out if you're still on the fence.

If you didn't know or forgot, there are some awesome complimentary files:  maps and character sheets.


p.s.  The softcover files have been accepted, approved, and the whole 9 yards.  Just waiting on my DTRPG contact to activate the print option (hopefully by tomorrow morning. However, CreateSpace (including a free PDF - just email me your receipt) and Amazon already have Alpha Blue softcovers available for purchase

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