Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Star Babe

I would probably have gone to my grave without knowing that something called Star Babe existed, if I hadn't published Alpha Blue.

What is it?  A super-cheap 1977 porno meant to cash in on Star Wars.  I haven't seen the entire thing, but what I did watch kind of made me misty eyed.  Just like The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue, I can see bits and pieces of Star Babe in Alpha Blue's genetic code.

Which goes back to the vocal minority wondering aloud, "Why would you make something like this, Venger?"  Well, there's a sweet spot between vintage sci-fi and sex that leads to certain avenues of gonzo, exploitation, comedy, so-bad-it's-great awesomeness that's difficult to describe to the uninitiated.

Suffice it to say, there's just some of us who want to know what it's like to drink weird smoking liquor with a blaster at our hip, making conversation with a hooker wearing silver hot pants when a bug-eyed alien starts busting up the place.

Here is a link to the "Mos Eisley cantina" scene set to other music (that's not in the film).  I could only find it on FB.

Below is the actual movie (most of it, at least) on youtube without any of the sex...

This is an excellent blog post I found, shedding a little light on what Star Babe is (or was).  Damn it, now I'm hungry for bearded space-clams!  Pity, it doesn't sound that awesome.  However, I will watch the porn parts later this week and see for myself.  You know, for research.

But let this be an educational moment.  Don't let your parody of space operas and sexy star babes disappoint players.  Go beyond the tawdry rip-off... into new galaxies of nostalgic sleaze!


p.s.  Thanks to +Logan McCormack who alerted me to this lost jewel.

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