Monday, January 11, 2016

1/11, Happy Kort'thalis Publishing Day!

Greetings, my fellow gamers!

The number 111 has always been significant to myself and my work.  So, I was overjoyed to receive help, support, promotion, content, reviews, and general awesomeness from so many of my friends and colleagues on January 11th.

Below is the roundup of posts...

RPGpundit interviewed me about smut in RPGs here.

GeekNative did pretty much the same thing here, focusing more on Alpha Blue, specifically.

Nemo's Lounge has a lengthy write-up for the Sassy Assassin here.

The Other Side blog reviewed Alpha Blue here.

+David Guyll provided the artwork for this post.  His blog is here. Thanks, hoss!

Check out +Kiel Chenier's blog here for his upcoming Alpha Blue review (with custom illustrations!).  I'm sure it'll be just as polarizing as his analysis of The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence.

And speaking of those purple islands, Endzeitgeist reviewed it today here.

+Eric Fabiaschi has just been crushing it in the blog post and random table categories for weeks.  Check out a variety of his Alpha Blue and Crimson Dragon Slayer posts here.

Best of all, Alpha Blue is on sale at both DTRPG here (or click on the picture on the right side of the blog) and CreateSpace here.  Also, Amazon... but remember that if you purchase it from CreateSpace, you're entitled to a FREE PDF, just email me your receipt/confirmation.

Plus, don't forget about the complimentary space station and starship maps located here.  You can see a preview over at OSRtoday here.  Thanks, +Jason Paul McCartan!

Am I forgetting anything?  Probably.  If something new happens, I'll update this post ASAP.  Thanks for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the stuff I wrote.  ;)


p.s.  Rest in peace, David Bowie... our space oddity.  We shall remember you.

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