Monday, December 28, 2015

Corrected Alpha Blue Files

I'll provide Kickstarter update links below, but here's the long and short of it: there was some weird layout stuff going on with the Alpha Blue PDF and print files.  Glynn and I (with the help of a couple KS backers) found other things to correct as long as we were dealing with vanishing commas.

I'm glad that this found its way into the book, because the Interstellar Caliphate entry alone might have been interpreted as Islamophobic, which was not my intent.  The Elvehjem Azahd came out of a conversation I had with a Muslim American soldier who wasn't exactly sure how to feel about Alpha Blue's treatment of "space Muslims".  He vetted (and was pleased with) the Elvehjem Azahd splinter-group which now appears on page 89.

Here is the pre-correction KS update.

And this is the post-correction KS update.

If you already purchased your CreateSpace softcover of Alpha Blue, please let me know where I can send the corrected PDF.  Also, I'd be happy to provide a reduced price softcover replacement once the print files have been approved.



p.s.  The CreateSpace print version of Alpha Blue is already fixed and available for purchase.  It also comes with a free PDF, just email me your receipt or order confirmation.

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