Saturday, September 18, 2021

Your Dungeon Is Racist


A new satirical / parody blog has arrived - Your Dungeon Is Racist!

I wanted to see something in the vein of The Onion, Babylon Bee, and Titania McGrath, except focused on gaming (for the most part).  

So, I decided to make it.  Check it out right now!!!

Occasionally, I miss reading Your Dungeon Is Suck, even though it was kind of awful and cringe at times + ripped on yours truly frequently.  YDIR will try to rise above that level of shit-posting and juvenile call-outs to members of the RPG community, hobby, and industry.

More than anything, YDIR is a middle-finger to the woke establishment that's gotten so political with its head so far up its own ass that everyday news stories beg to be mercilessly mocked.

If you have an idea for an article or artwork you'd like to submit, feel free to email me at:

Thanks for all your support and please enjoy the humor... if we can't laugh at the Social Justice Warriors trying to push our culture ever further to the far-left, then we are, indeed, living in an authoritarian nightmare.


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