Monday, September 27, 2021

Crimson Escalation PDF


What-ho, droogs?

Tis I, Venger "your weird uncle" Satanis come to do the Lord's work... may His tentacles be forever green and slimy.  By the way, I've been taking cold medicine to keep apace with my symptoms.  Prepare thyself for loopy-ness!  

Anyway, this blog post is about Crimson Escalation.  The Kickstarter is over.  840 backers and over $1,100.  Weeeeee!!!  Thanks for all the halibut, hoss.  And sweet dreams to Rob Couture.  Perhaps that's why Gurdjieff was granted such divine understanding of man, the world, and God - in order to bring Rob and I together so that Crimson Escalation could be.  It's like if Will Ferrell and John C. Riley formed Tenacious D... and Jack Black became the vorpal sword.

Fast, realistic, exciting combat!

As I make my way through fulfillment (Jesus, that's a lot of backers!), the PDF is up on DriveThruRPG.  Buy it, use it, and see your D&D (adjacent) life changed forever... in a good way.

The PDF also includes my Ten Commandments of Immersion!  Want to make your sessions more immersive?  BOOM!!!  I wracked my brain until I came up with the goods.  I didn't phone it in, either.  I came up with stuff that I want to be mindful of in my own games.

What else?  Time for my nap.  Begone, fishcake! 


p.s. fiShhh...


  1. You knocked it out of the park, man! I left a review at DriveThru. TWO BIG THUMBS UP!