Saturday, March 21, 2020

Rough Week

I'm already running out of time (my 4 year old needs me to watch one of her stupidly ridiculous youtube videos... probably something the RPG Pundit recently uploaded), so I'm copy/pasting my latest Kickstarter update below.

What's up, everyone?
It's been a not so good week for many of us, myself included.  Briefly... a week from this past Friday, my 3 year old had to be put under because he had a hard bean stuck up his nose and finally extracted with a team of people in the OR.  Then multiple people in our family were sick with either a cold, flu, or strep throat.  Plus, the self-quarantine because of the Coronavirus.  Oh yeah, and Amazon is taking their sweet time (delayed due to the virus, I'm sure) sending me envelopes for Cha'alt packaging.  
Unless Wisconsin gets locked down this coming week, I hope to get the 7 or 8 Cha'alt books in the mail (both KS and direct sales).
What else?  With 5 kids, it's Daddy daycare ever since they closed schools.  So, my productivity (writing, etc.) has dropped about 85%.  However, I anticipated a week and a half away from writing, anyway.  Yesterday was supposed to be the start of our family's 10-day Disney World vacation.  That's shot, too, obviously.
So, it's been a week.  Just know that I'm doing my best, keeping shit together, and optimistic about coming out the other side of this relatively soon.  And if things go further south, I'm preparing for that, as well.  
Feel free to ask questions or chat or whatever.  Stay strong and keep your distance... Cha'alt!

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