Monday, March 18, 2019

Stuck In The Middle

I read this Tenkar's Tavern post yesterday, but this is my first opportunity to respond.

Yeah, the middlemen get squeezed.  Those seeking neutral ground will eventually see themselves taking up less and less space.  And that's a shame.  Because politics shouldn't intrude on everything... especially a leisure pursuit like roleplaying games.

To be clear, I'm also a moderate, a centrist, a classical liberal who'd rather not get involved in the culture wars of increasing polarization.  But it wasn't so long ago that free speech, rationality, the rule of law, and focusing on gaming were nonpartisan issues that everyone could agree on.

That is not what's happened over the last 3 or 4 years.  Social media is everything and everything has been influenced (corrupted?) by politics.  The more radical, the better... according to the loudest and least compromising among us.

Any clearheaded person can see that Erik Tenkar contributes to the RPG HIC (Hobby/Industry/Community).  And Pex, as Erik's mouthpiece, has every right to post links to whatever the Tavern is talking about at the moment.  Those SJWs over on Discord can believe what they want... because they're creating a reality all their own.

If Erik and Pex hadn't distanced themselves from me, I'd be there to fight alongside them.  But instead, they chose to throw the baby out with the bathwater and are now being ostracized within certain segments of the HIC because not enough babies were thrown.  Yes, also a subtle jab at post-birth abortions that's now part of mainstream Democrat policy!

Hoist on their own petard.  Sad, but not unexpected.  Live together or die alone, as Lost so eloquently stated.  Meanwhile, I'll be here patiently waiting for my apologies.  Fighting the good fight.  Designing games and doing my za'akier thing.

Good luck to everyone who wants to stay on the sidelines, where it's "safe," and go about their business without getting involved.  Eventually, you too will be swept up in the mob.  Wake up before you suddenly find your head upon the guillotine of social justice!



  1. Same boat here. I'm getting so sick of all the political and inclusivity posts in the RPG space that are constantly browbeating people into achieving the next level of wokeness. I'm getting to the point where when I see posts like that, they get a mute.

    Sad times.

    @cha_neg on Twitter

  2. That's okay, those same SJW's are following the very heads who are announcing treason and mutiny at the highest levels. For instance, the gun control issue. The belief ok n the side of the vehemently opposed to gun ownership believe that a simple Constitution fix could repeal the second amendment. Or hell, even the first. Nevermind that little clause that these politicians feeding that bullshit don't even know their own that little clause stating that the first 10 amendments- the originals signed by our forefathers - CANNOT be changed, amended or repealed

  3. Christ se gotta ban them guns oncen fer all yo!

  4. From reading all of this drama (what a waste of time btw) - sounds like people politicizing the hobby as a means to gain "power" - boo. I say we go back to blogs and let the RSS feeds decide. This Discord carp is living up to its name. I ban you and you and you haha look at me go... lame.

  5. As an SJW, I support universal background checks, not to prohibit gun ownership but regulate it.
    Also, some births are not viable, such as being born without a brain.
    I let mothers and doctors decide.

    1. Those aren't SJW positions. Those are moderate left positions. Nothing wrong with that.

    2. Just to confirm what Aaron The Pedantic said, regulatory gun laws like universal background checks and abortion when the life of the mother and/or non-viability / severe birth defects of the fetus are both moderate positions. I totally agree with both of those, as do the majority of Americans.

      You're not a Social Justice Warrior if you're reasonable or sane - it's the far-left activists online that are labeled SJWs.

  6. Over on the /osr/ reddit, the Leftist SJWs started a thread just to attack me, where they demanded the links to the my blog present on the blog-roll of the subreddit be taken down.
    To do so, they LIED, making up a hoax hate-crime about how on the blog I'd cheered for the car-driving murderer at Charlottesville.

    I proved their claim wasn't true. They ADMITTED it wasn't true, but said I should be censored anyways.

    And the Mods gave them what they wanted. In spite of their whole argument being based on a lie, and their ADMITTING it was false, they still got my blog banned.

    That's the modern "moderate left" now.

    1. Yeah, I saw that. Despicable! What's next, I wonder? Non-SJW gamers need to stick together or else we'll all get devoured.

  7. What is slowly being formed is not necessarily a ring wing gamer movement but a FUCK YOU SJW movement?