Thursday, February 21, 2019

James Raggi / LotFP Statement

This whole fiasco seems to be winding down.  Hopefully, this is my last post on the matter and we can all (well, almost all) move on to better things.

Here is the official Lamentations of the Flame Princess statement by James Raggi IV via FaceBook.

Basically, it cuts short Zak S' collaboration with LotFP.

Like many people and organizations have attempted, it's a good solid compromise.  No more books by Zak S., but neither will there be a book burning party.  Previous stock will slowly be sold off, and then that's it.

No one's great at everything.  One may quibble at the man's style or aesthetics or taste, but Zak Smith/Sabbath could write, draw, self-promote, and he even had some great ideas.  But there's always a flaw, isn't there.  He couldn't be a decent human being.  Actually, I don't think he could do his own layout, either.  Oh well.

Additionally, WotC/Hasbro is erasing all consultant credits from future printings and digital versions of the Player's Handbook. That sucks for everyone who isn't currently besieged by abuse allegations. Legally, it may be sound, and I'm sure it'll cover their asses in regards to the online activist outrage mob, but is it fair?  Nope, not really.

Never did get James' apology for throwing Jordan Peterson under the bus... [sigh]  This is a depressing blog post.

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p.s. I thought it was amusing that out of dozens of FB comments, mine is pretty much the only one that no one without a "like" or reply.

Here it is for posterity (until Google annihilates this blog), "I hope we can all learn and grow from these experiences." Not just pretty words. It's a civil and objective wake-up call to those keeping at least one eye open.