Friday, February 1, 2019

Beneath Kra'adumek now on DriveThruRPG

Well, the big news is that Cha'alt funded and is still going strong!

DriveThru got their bugs fixed and the files have been uploaded.  Even better, they've been slightly updated based upon the awesome feedback of a couple Cha'alt kickstarter backers (thanks, guys)...

Yes, there were some typos and "WTF are you talking about, Venger?" moments.  Since I was already in there poking around, I added a couple of neat little flourishes as a bonus.

Here's the DriveThruRPG link!  As I've said, Beneath Kra'adumek is an easy introduction into the weird world that is Cha'alt, and a pretty kickass dungeoncrawl, as well.

If you run your group through it, please let me know the results.  I want session reports, people!  ;)



p.s. One bit of feedback was a nice little random table.  There wasn't space or time to neatly include it in the playtest packet, but I'll refine it over the weekend and put it up on Draconic magazine.  Watch this space for a link!

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