Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Old School Artwork - Renaissance Man

Up until the cover for Descent into the Candy Crypts (see sidebar and scroll down a bit), I hadn't painted anything in a year.  The combination of time, energy, and frustration at not being as good as I wanted to be... that's what kept me from my acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas.

I went to Art Fair on the Square on Sunday.  For those not familiar with south-central Wisconsin, it's a hundred or so booths of artists and their art on display all around the capitol.  One thing led to another and that night, continuing on through Monday morning, afternoon, and evening, I finished a work I'm proud to say I painted.  It felt good (my sense of artistic expression - not my back and knees!)

It's a tribute to the AD&D Player's Handbook by David A. Trampier, of course, (with tentacles) on a healthy 36" x 24" wrapped canvas.  Maybe I'll drag it out to Game Hole Con in November if anyone wants to see it in person.  I call it "Demon with Gemstone Eyes".

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