Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Opener

Lately, I've been listening to +Fantastic Dimensions run a few playtest sessions of The Outer Presence on youtube.  Because of the way it's currently written, the adventure just kind of starts with notification that Dr. Henry Bile is putting together another expedition to New Guinea.  Not very cinematic.

Of course, scenarios don't have to emulate the theater.  They can just sort of start at the beginning, just before things start happening.  On the other hand, I believe a strong opening is preferable - especially for a one-shot.

Watching the game being run (rather than running it myself) made me feel like I was at the movies, except the story didn't really come alive until later.  So, why not a cinematic beginning to establish the setting, characters, atmosphere, or simply to get the blood pumping?

As I revise The Outer Presence, I'd like to know if you guys ever go for a movie-like opener?  If so, how often?  Does it work well for you?  Results?  I want to know the good, bad, and ugly!


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