Thursday, April 9, 2015

Major Boobage

Several months ago, I caught about 30 seconds of a South Park ending at the beginning of what I'd DVRed, probably The Daily Show.  The last bits of South Park's 12th season and 3rd episode, Major Boobage, was obviously an homage to the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal.

Despite having this knowledge, I never bothered to watch the episode until today.  Here it is on hulu.

Why it took me so long, I don't know.  Maybe I feared being disappointed or shamed for my enjoyment of cheesecake, bloodshed, and psychedelics.  Perhaps I wanted something to look forward to, saving it for a rainy day, etc. (incidentally, it's been raining all day).  Or it could be that my memory sucks.  It probably helped that I just re-watched Heavy Metal for the 37th time this morning before work.

In any case, Major Boobage was a fun little nostalgic trip for Heavy Metal super-freaks like myself.  Like many South Park homages, it ripped on or lampooned what it's supposed to be praising.  Yeah, I guess all the nudity, boobs, butts, and gory violence stands out like the weirdo girl covered in pig's blood at her prom... but, damn it, that's my bread and butter.

Aside from the awesomely dated music, apparently, the creation of that episode took 8 times longer to make because they used the old fashioned rotoscoping technique used in the original film.  Porn actress Lisa Daniels was used as live action footage before converting it into the cowgirl Taarna that personifies South Park's tribute to one of the greatest scifi-fantasy movies in history.

Since I'm blogging about it, I'd love to hear about your experiences with Heavy Metal.  Doesn't have to be RPG-related. First time you watched it, last time, did it change your life, or inspire you to create something awesome?   What did you think of Major Boobage?  Was it a worthy tribute?  Did it re-watch Heavy Metal after viewing it?  If you have a story to share, comment below!


p.s.  Holy crap!  I just realized that the god Uhluhtc from the Den sequence that is about to receive a young, nubile sacrifice is Cthulhu spelled backwards!

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