Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[d6] Star Wars RPG: revised, expanded, and updated

[See this page for clarification]

A couple days ago, I caught wind of a massive, fan-created document for the old West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game that uses a d6 system.  The rule books (plus supplemental material) of the WEG Star Wars are all out of print.

Several fans went to great lengths in order to create a 500 page, full-color PDF version of the game.  Their development blog is here (with PDF link).  The following is a snapshot of their mission statement...

The goal of the SW3E project is to convert the entire core rules of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded (SW2RE) into a digital .pdf format with a new crisper look. In addition we aim to integrate many of the “expanded” rules published by West End Games (WEG) in various sourcebooks and galaxy guides, and even some of the great house rules that have been developed over the decades.  

We're treated to advantages and disadvantages (merits and flaws, basically) in character creation that's part of the d6 Space RPG.  Also, the Star Wars prequels and post-trilogy fiction influence the flavor text, stat blocks, and artwork.  And, well... there's just so much there.  500 pages is a lot.  Besides, it looks beautiful with pleasing layout, sidebars, different colored headings, easy to read charts and tables, etc.  After a thorough skim, the only real (albeit minor) complaint is the lack of poster art, stills from the original movies, and classic Star Wars artwork depicting several key characters at once it their FULL PAGE glory!!!  That would've been the cherry on top.  I'm sure the designers had their reasons, licensing and legality being paramount.

Being something of a dinosaur, I prefer a print version to PDF.  So, I uploaded the PDF onto Lulu but that left me without a suitable front/spine/back cover.  Stephan Burger generously donated his Star Wars artwork for my personal copy.  You don't know how much willpower it took for me to not swap Luke out for Boba Fett.  If I decide, for whatever crazy, cash-burning reason, I need a second copy, Boba Fett will grace the cover!

Without further ado, my upload of the full color print version of their masterpiece is here.  Yes, it is ungodly expensive.  However, until Dec. 2nd, there's a Lulu 35% off coupon code making it less so:  SAVE35

Or check out Imladris' black and white hardcover Lulu upload here.  Definitely more economical but not as much fun.  Oops, just realized that version is in Spanish (however, the preview shows English... strange)!  Buyer beware.

Well, I can't wait to get my 3rd edition d6 Star Wars Roleplaying game in the mail and run some old school Star Wars games.  When I do, there will be blog updates aplenty.


p.s.  Someone just mentioned the "SAVE35" code didn't work for them (though, it worked for me this morning).  In that case FLASH30 should get you 30% off printed items through tomorrow, November 20th.


  1. Interesting. Today I stood in the bathroom, shaving myself, and came-up with a Darth Furious kinda Ewok Shaman, as adventure hook...

  2. Are there updated lulu links? They are not working.