Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hall of Fame d20

I haven't seen any lately, but there was a time when dice shaming was a thing... popular, even.  Whether a timeless geek meme or fashionable flash in the pan, certain dice got shamed on the internet for rolling poorly.

I can't be the first tabletop gamer to lavish praise upon a certain die but such posts definitely seem to be in the minority.  I've had my set of translucent purple with white numbering dice for years now, and they've always rolled pretty well...

When I rolled to see if the Purple Putrescence was about to drift noxiously overhead with tentacles wavering and mouth-holes slavering, I rolled a 6.  When I needed to roll damage on the PCs, I rolled 8's, 10's, and 12's.  Indeed, those trying to liberate the demon slayer got exploding dice all over their faces.  Dark priest and monster saving throws?  Yeah, they made more than a few.  However, it's the number of natural 20's that really brought the pain and keeps on bringing it.

Earlier today was the 3rd session (2nd for Temple of Elemental Evil) of my new home campaign.  Everyone at the table was rolling well, but I was critting left and right.  The final battle of the session with a Guardian Daemon from Fiend Folio resulted in yet another player's demise.  That's probably a devil's dozen deaths indeed!

While I don't revel in such tragedy, I gotta give that little purple d20 its due.  Let honor and fame be heaped upon its name!  Speaking of which, I should give him a name...  I think I'll call him Kaazor.


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