Friday, November 21, 2014

WEG d6 Star Wars Roleplaying Game REUP

I've uploaded the Star Wars RPG revised, expanded, and updated document to my dropbox here.  If anyone wants to use it for their personal, non-commercial use in order to play the out-of-print West End Games version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, then enjoy!

Even though my hardcover, full color Lulu version was taken down (thanks to an alarm-sounder on - hope you received the Emperor's reward of 30 credits), I'm going to re-upload it presently.  Access will only be granted to those who personally make a comment on this blog post and then email me.

The creators' development blog was taken down by themselves because of excessive traffic.  They haven't received any legal notice, merely focusing on the errata.


p.s.  Boba Fett image by Stephan Burger

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