Saturday, October 11, 2014

Third Wave of Draconic Magazine

Alright, I think I've got enough articles to call this wave #3.  Let's see what I've got for you...      

  • Kodarr the barbarian speaking his mind in the weekly column Kodarr's Kommandments
  • A super-quick zero-level character generation method for 5th edition D&D
  • My review of Delving Deeper RPG
  • An article by Chris Bell on why Vampire: the Masquerade Storytellers should always make use of the prelude
  • My review of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery retro-RPG along with an interview with the author
  • Hidden benefits of a high charisma.  Go ahead, be a dick.
  • An article on GMing better, focusing on missed opportunities
  • Benoist Poire's rebuttal to John Wick's blog post regarding chess, RPGs, game balance, and other topics
  • Lastly, a brand new column by the fan-fiction crossover king: Edgar Phillips Reitman!

Please check it all out here.


p.s.  Only 3 days left to fund the Revelry in Torth kickstarter.  FYI, just added a $3,000 stretch goal and posted an update yesterday showing off another piece of artwork.  Please back this project if you're interested in old school sword & sorcery adventures in a strange desert world of endless darkness.  And share the link!

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