Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sigil Key

The last two kickstarters have featured wooden dice rolling boxes with symbols burned into them as upper-tier backer rewards.  One of my KS campaign promises was to release my key for the sigilized dice trays if Revelry in Torth successfully funded (it did).  Each symbol has a vague, nebulous meaning which can be manipulated and interpreted by the GM (or players who offer helpful suggestions). 

Basically, when a die rolled within the dice tray lands on a particular sigil, that concept (be it betrayal, sorcery, etc.) may come into play... somehow.  This doesn't have to be utilized every time dice are rolled, just as it can be ignored (for the present) if it's just not applicable in the current situation.  Maybe just once in awhile or with special dice or when a character is burning luck, fortune, advantage/disadvantage, action points, inspiration, etc.

Don't get stressed out about it.  Improvise at the rate your comfortable with.  The most important thing to remember is that these sigils are meant to add a bit of mysterious and weird fun to the game.  


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