Sunday, October 12, 2014

Roleplaying Games defined

Really?  Something else has to be defined - this time roleplaying games themselves!?!

So, why on earth would this need to be done now of all times?  40 years after the first was invented!  Well, there was this post by RPG designer John Wick.  And a lot has been said in its wake, such as this.

Well, mine's a lot shorter, more to the point.  Here goes...

When players engage in character creation and then use that character in some kind of adventure, scenario, or series of encounters, that counts as roleplaying.  Yes, even World of Warcraft.  Playing a role, assuming one or more aspects of a persona other than yourself is roleplaying.  If it's pursued in the name of fun, then it's a game.  Hence, roleplaying game.

I can't be the only person to have hit upon that revelation (at least, I call it such).  But, there are so many comments and rebuttals and forum posts all over the internet that I can't possibly read them all.  So, if I came up with something exactly like another individual... cheers!


p.s.  Yay!  Revelry in Torth has successfully funded.  Now, maybe that stretch goal of $3,000 isn't such a pipe-dream, after all.  Thanks, everyone!

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