Friday, August 22, 2014

Like Homophobia but different

It started with a crowdfunding RPG project based on the Chronicles of Gor here.  +James Desborough is behind it.  I found out about it from Tenkar's Tavern here.  +Erik Tenkar is behind that.

Before encountering this post, my only exposure to the Gorean Chronicles was from spending a couple years in the BDSM scene.  Some liked them, others did not.  Yet no one condemned the twisted turn-ons of another.

I met a lot of different people on places like FetLife (online and face-to-face), many of them interested in Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, rape-play, and probably a hundred other things rarely heard of or discussed on non-BDSM websites.

For whatever reason, those into power dynamics get off on pretending that their actually a slave, slave master, sexually forcing themselves on someone, or being sexually forced to do whatever it is they secretly want be doing.

Obviously, if this was actual rape, it would be a criminal act.  However, rape-play is something that millions of consenting adults have participated in for mutual sexual fulfillment.  Why am I even bringing this up?  Well, Tenkar's Tavern has comments describing such a thing (and the people who enjoy it) as nauseating, disgusting, shameful, creepy, dickish, stupid, etc.

Responding to one of my comments, Erik Tenkar said "slavery and rape fantasies are not a 'thing'."

Well, they actually are a thing; things that many healthy, normal consenting adults enjoy.  It may not be your thing (whoever's reading this), but it exists in the world and makes many, many, many people happy.

Like homophobia, it's more or less "fine" if individuals find the particular sexual practices of others revolting in their private thoughts.  Personally, I do not want to think about two dudes getting it on.  However, it would be a different story for me to call attention to a roleplaying game involving gay sex and then trash it because I'm repulsed by those preferences.  Nowadays, that's what the kids call homophobia.  Back when I was a kid, it was considered normal to ridicule or shame those who were different - even beat them up occasionally.  Not so much anymore.  That's a very good thing.


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