Friday, June 20, 2014

Second Wind, Action Surge, and Being Super-Awesome at 1st Level

I've slept on it, given it time and plenty of thought.  Something just doesn't sit right with me.  Yeah, I'm bothered by a few little things.

Is this what we want out of our tabletop fantasy RPG?  Is this what the Basic version of 5e will be like?  All skills and proficiency bonuses and constant self-healing and action points?

I thought most of the 3rd and 4e D&D stuff was going to be relegated to the PHB and DMG, not the Starter Set and free Basic D&D rules online.  So, why is all this newfangled, character optimization and life-saving extra padding coming at us with the pre-gen excerpt?  Wasn't Basic supposed to be, you know, basic?  The Advanced rules were going to be included n the PHB and DMG for those who wanted them.

How's a DM supposed to cross off a half-dozen things from the pre-gen character sheet before his players even sit down and still expect the game to be 5e D&D?  Wasn't 5e supposedly influenced by the OSR?  Wasn't 5e supposed to return us to that old school style of play from the 70's and 80's?

Is this just a simple misunderstanding, a betrayal, or some kind of unsatisfying compromise?  Am I freaking out for no reason?  Perhaps, but we've only seen the iceberg's tip.  What's next?

Comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, thoughts...?


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