Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bonus Content for Purple

This art is not in The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence.  The artist, Chad Robb, was inspired by reading it.  I'm glad he decided to share them with us.

Even though Scott Charlton of Octopus Games inspired more than a few entries for While They Were Sleeping (a random table for crazy stuff that could happen when the party beds down for the night), he wasn't done there.  No, Scott wanted to contribute an encounter that could be the seed for one or more Purple sessions.

I tweaked a couple details (blame me if you hate the NPC names) but it's Scott's baby.  Enjoy...

A dangerous alien outlaw, Jivatan, is being tracked down by a sorceress, Kaelix Versoom.  Both are of the same, horned, purple-hued race.  A feature of their race is the ability to make their flesh translucent like glass, allowing them to blend into most any type of background.

Weeks ago, the insurrectionist Jivatan escaped to the purple islands via his starship and joined the Purple Putrescence worshipers.  Because of his skin color, the outlaw was able to create a cult around himself in short order.  The Sect of Strangulation is only seven members strong, but their use of oxygen-depriving poison derived from the Purple Island Lotus makes them especially powerful. 

Kaelix Versoom can be found wandering the islands searching for mercenaries.  In exchange for slaying the beast that guards a magical statue called the Transplanar Eidolon, she will give the PCs access to her spacecraft (if that’s not enough, her ship also carries interesting magical and high-tech items – see below).

This gigantic, multi-limbed, three-headed demon statue towers over the island Kelis.  Its limbs and heads each represent a different power. A stylized chamber beneath the statue's robes bears a magic pentagram with lines leading to various symbols and designs. An individual may "plug-in" to the statue and sees through its eyes, activating powers through the access points assigned to various ultra-telluric dimensional nodes. 

The sorceress uses the Eidolon to scout the island and find the outlaw's hidden spacecraft (within a sea cave on Kravian).  Kaelix is hunting Jivatan for his revolutionary views and terrorist activities.

She knows the spell Blood Tendrils (see below).

The following are items found within Kaelix Versoom’s starship…

Foam Guns

These sleek matte silver weapons are used to contain and immobilize biological threats.

Each gun holds up to 12 projectiles that explode with a compact concussion on contact, flinging out viscous blue-green fluid in a 12’ radius. This fluid reacts with air as fizzing white foam that expands rapidly and sticks to whatever it touches, dissolving any organic material for 3D6 damage plus 1D6 damage per round until washed off, frozen, or magically healed.

Conversion Gauntlet

This reinforced black glove is decorated with a band of seven clear crystals and a plush interior that shrinks to fit the wearer’s arm comfortably when donned. The wearer makes an Intelligence check to activate the device, giving them telekinetic strength equal to their Int score (in lbs.) at a 50’ range. 

The gauntlet has 3D12 charges, each round of activity expending one charge. Optionally, the GM can allow the user to expend multiple charges to increase range, lift capacity, damage, or to accomplish fine manipulations at distance; wielding a sword or picking keys off a belt.


This sleek pressurized canister is made from a virtually indestructible alloy, containing an internal pneumatic pump and adjustable spray nozzle. It currently holds purified alcohol but will siphon and filter up any liquid through a retracting siphon valve at the bottom, spraying out a fine mist cone to 12’. 

The canister is capable of containing very caustic liquids safely and holds equivalent to a potion vial. Igniting sprayed combustibles shot at a target through the canister causes 2D4 damage and sets targets on fire if they fail to save. The siphon allows the user to purify water one vial at a time, since the microbial filter kills the tiniest organisms.

Psychic Protomorph

This is a thick glass jar of pale yellow slime with a glittering crystal suspended inside. Should any spell caster or psionic-user concentrate on the crystal, they will soon discover that it controls the nutrient-rich primordial goop around it.  The Protomorph can be made to grow into a creature of nearly any shape desired. The crystal remains inside the creature as part of its nervous system. Those hoping to manipulate the slime may do so on a successful wisdom check.  

Every 10 rounds, the check must be made anew.

Blood Tendrils

The magic-user cuts himself for 1D4 damage, thereafter growing 2d4 dark red prehensile tendrils to attack and grasp with strength equal to the caster’s intelligence. 

The tendrils can also be used for locomotion; brachiating, running, swimming, slithering, and pulling are all viable options. Tentacles do 1d6 damage plus strength (intelligence) bonus.  Tentacles are dispelled upon taking 4 or more points of damage.

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