Sunday, July 10, 2022

Cha'alt Hardcover Sale


This statement was posted on SJG's website, smearing conservatives, centrists, and just an unnecessarily wide swathe of Americans.  

To me, it sounds like Steve Jackson Games doesn't want your money if you're pro-life.  I believe in the sanctity and preservation of human life.  Additionally, I believe it's fitting that states, their representatives, and the people get to decide abortion laws for themselves.

Prior to VENGER CON (and at the convention), I'm offering a HUGE sale on hardcover Cha'alt books. Cha'alt is my eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic campaign usable with any RPG that vaguely resembles Dungeons & Dragons.

They're limited edition, signed and numbered, deluxe production values you won't see from the big RPG companies.  Hardcovers always include the PDF (just let me know your DTRPG email address).

Want to read a review?  There's over a dozen right here!

Each hardcover will slither off the shelves for the utterly ridiculous price of $30 + $5 shipping/handling, assuming domestic shipping.  Outside the USA, it's $30 + $50 (sorry, shipping was incredibly expensive even before the pandemic).  You can paypal me at

Support independent creators who share (or at the very least respect) your values!



  1. How shall we register our orders good sir?

  2. I have to pass. I just don't think the value is there.

    1. This of course is not me, but an imposter. The Cha'alt series of hardcovers have been some of the most bang for the buck kickstarters I have backed.

      Venger Satanis is likewise one of the most reliable kickstarter publishers I have experienced, and I have backed dozens of them.

      Accept this fraudulent attempt as proof that woketards fear Venger, and not for his views but because his products are top notch.

    2. Full disclosure, I was suspicious of that post by "DM Bluddworth" and direct messaged the real DM Bluddworth on Twitter for verification. He assured me that this faker who originally commented on my blog post was an imposter. And that isn't the first time. Someone impersonating him posted a comment or two several months back.

      Yes, the radical-left is afraid and my harassers think they can put one over on the community we have here. Lol.