Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Rainbow Crystal Utopia


"Pride goeth before a fall."

It's June... and the rainbows are everywhere. Of course, the old "pride flag", just like the new one, isn't an accurate representation of the rainbow.  The true rainbow has 7 colors.

Anyway, I've got a new stand-alone Cha'alt adventure for you.  It's themed to the current season of pride and rainbows and leftism enshrined in the Church of Secular Progressivism.  So, you know it's probably going to get flagged and taken down from DTRPG's virtual shelves.  I hope temporarily.

New adversaries, new map, new magic items, new spells, new random tables, and new lore.  You can get it right over here.

[Wow, that was fast!  This title has already been pulled from DTRPG's virtual shelves.  Look in the post-script for my email.  If you want to purchase the PDF direct ($3, use "friends and family"), get in touch.  Also, if you want hardcover Cha'alt books, let me know... I'll give you a deal.]

Thanks for continuing to support my work... and VENGER CON, only a month away!  If you're anywhere near south-central Wisconsin, do yourself a favor and attend this old-school gaming convention.



p.s. If you still want the banned adventure The Good Syma'arian, you can either download it from the linked blog post or ask me to send it via DTRPG.  Just email me your DTRPG email address: Venger.Satanis@yahoo.com

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