Saturday, June 11, 2022

New Adventure Coming Soon!


First off, I'm back home!

It was another Satanis family vacation and boy is my left arm tired...

What else?  About 6 weeks before VENGER CON happens!!!  Can't wait for the greatest old-school, OSR, and traditional RPG convention in the midwest.  Haven't gotten your ticket yet?  Giddyup, hoss!  Also, please tell your friends.  Anyone who loves the bygone days of yore in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Minnesota should attend.

As I stated in the last blog post, my anti-abortion scenario, The Good Syma'arian, was officially "blacklisted" from the virtual shelves of DriveThruRPG.  But you can still get it through me, click on that link for details.  Thanks to everyone who downloaded it, read it, played it, reviewed it, etc.

I've got a new Cha'alt adventure in the works (this could be a one or two-shot, we'll see) to "celebrate" the prideful month of June.  So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to submit them with a comment below.  No promises if any will be included, but I'll try... especially if they're funny and gameable.  

I'm still waiting on a delivery date for the Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows hardcovers.  Prince of Nothing has started his multi-part review over at his Age of Dusk blog.  He's just finished the appetizer course.

The way he feels about Artpunk is kind of how I'm starting to feel about "Jaquaying the dungeon".  Yeah, it can be really cool, on occasion, but sometimes I just want the dungeon to serve as a place for exploration, combat, and social interaction.  It doesn't have to be a whole thing unto itself.  But that's a topic for another blog post... 

Anything else?  New Encounter Critical stuff is getting pushed back.  Will try to get something on paper before VENGER CON.

Alright, talk to you soon!  Thanks for your continued support, hoss.  ;)



  1. How about an adventure set in Kra'adumek during the Festival Of The Worm, with the PCs trying to accomplish some relatively straightforward objectives but hampered by a city full of cultists going absolutely bugfuck weird in the streets?

  2. How about a coven of witches who go around telling people, "I've got your nose," and when they actually look, their noses are gone! 😱 The party must brave The Passages of Na'asal to..
    Why is everyone looking at me and shaking their heads?

  3. EC! EC! EC! EC! EC! EC!

    Is it done yet? 🤪

    1. Nope. Have to push the "pride" adventure out first. Soon!

    2. Naw! Take your time bro! Im just nerding out! Be true to your art 😃

  4. Is it a quest to liberate stolen rainbows? I still remember when they were for everyone and you didn't have to slap one on your company logo as a gimmick. I think you should appropriate some symbol or image and associate it with "Gonzo Gaming Month." Anyone who doesn't display this symbol during that month will clearly hate you and want to somehow deprive you of your rights.