Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Friday Night Cha'alt on Roll20

Last Friday, the PCs encountered a snake-man king wandering the desert wastes of S'kbah.  Badly wounded, Hsss'ss was bleeding from a near mortal wound in his stomach.  

Ready for a trap, the PCs eventually let their guard down, giving the serpentine humanoid water and healing.  In return, Hsss'ss told them of a pile of twisted metal just inside a cave not far from their present location.

The crashed starship was haunted by some luminous green spectre.  After a couple fruitless rounds of combat, one of the party's clerics banished the thing to another dimension.

After investigating and scavenging the ruined starship, the PCs encountered a couple of off-worlders who parked their sand-speeder just outside the cave.  The PCs gave the off-worlders an ass-whooping, stealing their gear and vehicle for their own use.

The next session is this Friday, December 11th @ 7:30pm - 9pm central standard time.  Yeah, 90 minutes!  The wife and kids are watching Mulan on Disney+, so I'm using the extra time for gaming.

This is the link.  First come, first serve.  Bring your A-game!


p.s. Wondering what all this Cha'alt stuff is about?  Look no further...

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