Sunday, April 5, 2020

Adam Koebel Sexual Assault Scandal

By now, you've probably heard something about this whole "sexual assault" scandal by male feminist SJW and co-author of Dungeon World, Adam Koebel.

Here's a picture of the guy over on the right.

I got the details from my Inappropriate Characters co-host RPG Pundit.  In true Pundit fashion, he calls Adam out for being a hypocrite.  Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, bro.

Below is his video...

What's suggested sounds pretty bad, so I had to see it for myself.  Here's the video in question, cued to the right place...

So, the following are a few reasons why I don't see this as a big deal... like, at all...

  1. The PC is a robot, not a flesh and blood human or humanoid.
  2. The PC is male, if a robot can even have a gender.
  3. The sexual "act" was some kind of technological device being placed in a port at the base of the robot's neck.  Not exactly the same thing as a penis or vagina.
  4. He (the GM, Adam Koebel) is clearly telegraphing where this is going.  If it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion, it's not because it was a train wreck.  Everything was literally being described at a snail's pace, in case anyone wanted to interject, stop what was happening, ask for clarification, suggest an alternative, etc.
  5. The only thing being transmitted was positive feelings approximating a human orgasm for a few moments. Calling this "sexual assault" or even "rape" seems like a huge disservice to actual victims of real-world sexual assault and rape.  It's not even remotely in the same ballpark.

There's probably more I could come up with, but that's enough for the purposes of this blog post.  This is not in-game sexual assault, rape, or anything of the sort.  

For the record, I'm not a fan of SJWs, radical leftists, or anyone who goes on about "toxic masculinity", "problematic behavior", and "safety protocols for RPGs".  To me, that's all bullshit.  My defending Adam Koebel is simply me seeing the "scandal" from a different perspective than everybody clutching their pearls.

Lastly, if you actually want to test the limits of good taste and space opera sexuality, get your ass over to my sleazy sci-fi Alpha Blue roleplaying game.  

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p.s. This reddit post (read the comments) was brought to my attention.  I don't know how accurate it is, but sounds like he's a true d-bag.  Didn't Adam and Zak work on stuff together?


  1. What's the timestamp on that? I don't think it made it into the cut/paste.

    1. Never mind. I found it.

      Am I wrong in thinking that, had the robot been run through with a power drill or a laser beam, there would have been no cultural offense committed?

    2. I'm sure if it had been unexpected and non-consensual violence, no one would have batted an eye.

  2. I've only heard about these cringe GMs. But to actually see one... I couldn't watch anymore once I saw the faces on the players.

  3. It is a big deal because he is an asshole ultra SJW and a hypocrite.

  4. Oh, but I disagree: it's a serious crime on the part of Adam Koebel! "Woke" feminist women are the LEAST protected from and the LEAST able to resist male authority figures! Feminists get domestically abused the most, because they are the most divorced from reality when true crisis strikes. When the chips were down, neither woman knew what to do, despite SJW tools like the X-card available.

    They froze when this male RPG authority figure talked nonsense about inserting an orgasm-chip into a rear (neck!) socket, whinnying with glee at his clever and brave expansion of the sexual sphere into robot-kin! He kinda sorta got consent (?), but women can change their minds and wreak horrible vengeance on a man.

    That is why I say feminist women must be segreagated into all-female game-groups. Their votes in any election must also be segregated and they must fill out forms the next day to prove they truly wanted to vote for this or that candidate. It is the only social adaptation that makes sense with these hyperlegally privileged beings to protect the second-class citizens.

  5. On the other hand it's such schadenfreude seeing this type get hoisted on his own petard.

  6. I’m with GrimJim on this: Koebel’s only gaff was misreading the room - and I’m not sure how easy that is with the whole streaming/online/vtt. I nearly fell asleep the other night playing in a game - just waiting for/getting used to the whole gaming online. I say give him the razzing he deserves and then let’s get back to rolling dice. We f’ up - that’s what we do.

  7. I got verbally assaulted alot for writing something like you in a german rpg group on facebook some days ago. And mostly all of the assaulters wehre male while all but one like came from female gamers.

    What does THIS say about the whole thing?

  8. Fake reaction, shitty GM. How come not one of these superwoke phony keyboard warriors had the balls to say ANYTHING during the game if they were so disturbed, offended, outraged, etc. And don't give me any nonsense about being unable to speak up. Be adults. For one thing nothing much happened and it's clearly manufactured outrage after the fact because there's nothing these people crave more than victimhood status. For another, grow the fuck up and say something to the person at the time. Of course their m.o. is to say something 20 years later without credible evidence and expect to be taken at their word based solely on race, sex, transhood, whatever, rather than evidence and content of their character. Good lord people. Can we deport all these dangerhaired clowns and their cronies and bring in some hardworking foreigners to take their place?

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  11. Antisjws alerting oout and acting like puritanical hypocrites? Say it ain’t so:

  12. Sounds like your kind of sleazeball.