Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Goodbye to Roll20?

So, I've been getting a few questions about how or why I deleted my Roll20 account.  here goes...

This morning, I went to look at my listing to see how many people wanted to join today's game.  All I found was a comment from someone quoting Roll20's rules against advertising. 

I did have a link to Cha'alt... praise be its name, in the thread about my game.  The subject line was "What is Cha'alt?" and it directed people to the DriveThruRPG page where Cha'alt... praise be its name, is available (including the 32 full-page preview).

I also had a link to my own Crimson Dragon Slayer D20 house-rules (free PDF), so players would know what to expect.  I created it specifically to get Roll20 players up to speed on how my D&D is different than all the other versions out there. 

I didn't have a lot of time before the kids got up for school, and I wrongly assumed this guy was some kind of Roll20 admin or staff.  Since I'd had a few negative experiences with Roll20 in the past, I decided to simply delete my entire account in a fit of pique.

After getting the kids to school, I looked up the person who posted Roll20 rules on my thread.  Turns out, he was just a "member" who'd joined Roll20 six months ago.  WTF, who does that?

9 times out of 10, when I delete my account from a website, there's some kind of backdoor to reverse it.  Not so with Roll20.  So, that account is gone. 

I created another one because I really wanted to GM today.  When I get some free time, I'll look for an alternative virtual RPG platform.  But for now, it was easy enough to simply create a new account and make another listing for today's game.

That's it.  Looking forward to introducing new players to Cha'alt... praise be its name.  See you at the imaginary table!



  1. "WTF, who does that?"

    In my experience it's "activists" trying to bully someone else. It's strange to see people who claim to want diversity cling to censorship, but that's where we are at.

    1. I noticed that same guy predicted that the sky might fall if professional GMs used paid-for virtual tabletop products in their games. He got shot down there.

  2. That place is a political dumpster fire.

    I quit shortly after beta, saw the writing on the wall way back then.

    I just spent like $70 on Alpha Blue books, and I'm happy to hear you will be thinking about supporting other platforms, as I am now also back in the market.

    Please let us know where you land.

    I'm reading the PDFs on my shitty monitor while waiting for shipping (Hawaii...). I love everything about it except that it's not an app. It could be a beer and pretzels game if the charts were in an app instead of flipping through books and rolling dice.

    Also have you considered a page? I would have suggested Reddit a few years ago... but politics. Minds might (probably) be a better place to build a community for this product.

    Sorry to wall of text, as this seems the only contact point. Would you as well be willing to explore opening the copyright a bit. Not copyleft or open source or anything, just fair enough for people to contribute with their own adventures and additional content without profit (unless licensed). And maybe some licensed art, a sample people can use as avatars online and printed handouts for table top, things like that.

    Anyway just some ideas. Give me a couple of years I might get around to doing something similar myself (but I'd rather not, take my money please).

    1. Thanks for the reply and purchases!

      Is there a virtual platform you recommend?

      Once you internalize the Alpha Blue setting, you no longer need roads... uh, I mean tables. Later supplements show you how to do that.

      I'm pretty flexible and willing to work with anyone who really wants to create products using the worlds and rules I create. Simply send me a pitch!

      Do you have a blog?