Saturday, August 24, 2019

Divine Favor

Continuing on from my last blog post about renaming advantage and disadvantage in-game so they're more evocative...

I would call inspiration or any collection of advantage points "divine favor". 

Going deeper, I wouldn't limit favor of the Gods to d20 rolls.  Pretty much any roll you could think of could get double and choose the higher.  Or what it usually turns into (because I'm such a softy) a re-roll.  Hey, my Gods are a pretty lenient bunch.  After all, they let the PCs get away with murder!

I mean, doesn't that just make sense?  If the Gods really want to help Kamaltine the fearless out, why wouldn't they let him use divine favor on his damage roll, instead of only his d20 attack, saving throw, and skill check?

And by extension, if any character has disadvantage on a particular roll (d20 or other), let them truly be cursed by the Gods. 

There's a broken corridor between two rooms in The Black Pyramid of Cha'alt with a 2 in 6 chance of falling into the abyss if PCs try to cross.  If one of them has a broken leg, well, that sounds an awful lot like disadvantage... or being cursed by the Gods, to me.  Roll 2d6 and take the worse result.

The adventuring life's a bitch and then you die!


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  1. Not even rolling twice and taking the best/worst result, but changing the die entirely (ie, 1d6 becomes d8 or a d4), or adding/subtracting another die from the result (1d20+1d8).

    Some results might have another effect if you roll evens/odds, if you roll a specific number, or fall within a certain range.

    Like, getting a 13 could have a disastrous side effect, but if you roll 2d6 and get a 7 a god may see fit to bless you in an unexpected way.

    1. The die escalation reminds me of DCC. I like bonus dice, too. I've toyed with designating certain numbers good and bad, but didn't keep it up for whatever reason.