Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Start Writing Your Adventure!

This blog post will serve 3 purposes - 1) a reminder that this adventure writing contest exists, 2) provide more details on what's expected, and 3) suggest a schedule to help you get started.

The adventure writing contest is happening! Ok, first one's out of the way.

I've received some great questions, let me try to answer them...

Q:  Should my adventure be written for any specific system?
A:  No, don't worry about system. Just write an awesome adventure and let me worry about the mechanics.

Q:  Can I submit the adventure early or late?
A:  Nope, I need it on November 1st.  Otherwise... chaos!?!

Q:  Can I submit more than one adventure?
A:  Sure.

Q:  Where should I submit it?
A:  To my email address:

Q:  Which file types are acceptable?
A:  Word Document, Google Drive, PDF, and anything I can easily read on my PC.

Q:  Who owns the intellectual property contained within the adventure if my adventure wins?
A:  We share it.  That means you can go off and use stuff in the future based on your adventure and so can I.

Now, for purpose #3... I'm going to share my noob-friendly three-month process for writing adventures like a fucking boss (this info will eventually appear in part II).  Here's the process in brief: concept, write it out, revision.

Month One (August) - This is where you do the bulk of your brainstorming.  At this point, you're just thinking about stuff, turning things over in your mind, gathering ideas, throwing concepts at the wall and seeing what sticks.  Also, create an outline.

Month Two (September) - You start organizing your ideas into a cohesive structure.  Refine all the stuff you came up with - subtract some things, add others, tweak what doesn't quite fit - until you have a rough draft.

Month Three (October) - Take that rough draft and smooth out the rough edges, polish it until is shines like a diamond.  Everything should have some kind of purpose - take out all of the railroading, don't skimp on the details (but don't go into such detail that it's tedious) and customized monsters, treasure, etc. so that they're non-standard.  Fine tune your adventure so it's ready to submit.

Since your contest submission is due November 1st, that means the month we're in right now, August, is the perfect time to start conceptualizing your adventure.

I'll post another reminder around the middle of September, but take the initiative without delay.  Use the direction provided in Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss to craft a scenario worthy of winning the $500 grand prize!


p.s.  Only a week left to back Battle For The Purple Islands via Kickstarter!

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