Thursday, August 4, 2016

Progressive Gaming Coalition

I don't know about you, dear blog reader, but I've had enough.  Call them social justice warriors, left-wing fascists, swine, story gamers, the outrage brigade... I don't care what they're called in your neck of the woods.

What I do care about is their interference, their agenda, their attacks, their lies, and most importantly, their attempts to censor and silence creators.

To me, it seems that they hope to stand on the shoulders of giants only to piss all over everyone from their undeserved lofty height.  What they do is definitely easier than actually creating something of substance.

Their latest contribution to the gaming community was to get +James Desborough's Hentacle card game banned from One Book Shelf.  Unfortunately, OBS doesn't plan on re-instating Hentacle after its peer review, unlike Alpha Blue.  I appreciated all the vocal support I and Alpha Blue received after it was temporarily pulled from OBS.  And I want to offer my organized support to similar creative people who are unnecessarily targeted - keep reading.

I suppose that's because "play rape" with tentacles is somehow too close to actual sexual assault in the real world?  I did remind OBS that play rape between consenting adults is an actual, albeit minority, form of sexual expression, preference, and identity.  It's perfectly legal for consenting adults to pretend about rape.  Just because it makes a few individuals uncomfortable shouldn't keep it off the virtual shelves.  To do so would be like banning games involving homosexuality.  Except that gay sex gets an auto-pass because homosexuality is more outspoken and popular.

This next violation is on a much lesser scale.  How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss was given a one-star review on DriveThruRPG in Polish by Andrzej S.  Now, you might be thinking - a bad review, big deal.  While I take feedback and criticism to heart, it was the apparent disingenuous nature of this particular review that got me curious about the motives behind the review.  In this g+ thread he finally admitted that he had a secret agenda for dragging my book through the mud.

because advices like lipstick +1 are not only useless, but also horribly wrong. You shouldn't treat girls playing rpg like some kind of dolls. And that's one of many advices which shoudn't be there.

Yes, it's disgusting, and they won't stop.  I realize this now.  They won't ever stop.  It may seem like a conspiracy to many reading this, but I have seen the evidence, the gradual, subtle influence upon our beloved hobby.

I've decided to organize a new group called the Progressive Gaming Coalition.  There are no memberships cards, dues, code of conduct, laws, tenants, criteria for belonging, or even an overriding belief system.

All the Progressive Gaming Coalition will do is keep watch, looking out for shady behavior, and say something rather than keeping silent.  I'm sure many are afraid to fight, are afraid to voice their concerns as individuals.  Well, the Progressive Gaming Coalition can provide you with backup.  It will bring more eyes, more voices, and more pressure upon those who wish to destroy the RPG community from the inside.

Contact me about becoming involved in the Progressive Gaming Coalition - because we all have the right to make progress within the roleplaying game community and industry.


Venger As'Nas Satanis
High Priest of Kort'thalis Publishing
Progressive Gaming Coalition

p.s.  From now until H.P. Lovecraft's birthday (August 20th), my guide to GMing will be on sale.

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