Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"One Hour Game" for Crimson Dragon Slayer

I was inspired by the posts of +Erik Tenkar on his Tenkar's Tavern blog.  Here is the first post where his idea really takes off.  And that post was inspired by Free RPG Day and how it struggles to bring new people into the hobby.

Sometimes, it seems like we're re-inventing the wheel a thousand times over.  Yet, I believe there's value in what Erik is doing with his Swords & Wizardry: Light.

That's why I've been taking a little time off from Universal Exploits to create an even shorter, streamlined version of Crimson Dragon Slayer.  It will be a free PDF with professional layout and cartography by +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal).  This should be available by July 11th, which just so happens to be Crimson Dragon Slayer Day!

At this time, I'm not sure what the exact page number will be.  It's definitely going to be longer than 4 pages because the manuscript will also include a short scenario and artwork by +Craig Brasco.

Hopefully, this "One Hour Game" version of Crimson Dragon Slayer will attract new blood since demonstrations can be as short as 60 minutes.  A lighter than light version (CDS is already pretty damned "rules lite," just like S&W) usable by super noobs who don't know the first thing about fantasy roleplaying, except maybe they've heard of Dungeons & Dragons.  Perhaps, it could be popular at conventions...

In any case, I'd like to thank Erik and the RPG community he's built for inspiring me to re-invent the wheel one thousand and one times.  ;)

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