Monday, July 18, 2016

CDS 1.11 Revised

I don't know if Crimson Dragon Slayer needed a Starter Set, but I gave it one... and a fresh coat of gore-splattered paint!

Nearly a dozen tiny changes needed to be made... typos, clarifications, rule changes, additional setting details, etc.  And I really wanted actual boxed text rather than a line above and below certain passages.  Now, it's been revised.  Thanks to all those who chimed in with valuable feedback.  I appreciate it greatly!

+MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) came through again, lightning fast as usual.

The DriveThruRPG link was updated this morning.  I've got the new Dropbox files, as well.  Printer-friendly b/w here and the bloodstained parchment here.

The PDFs are free, it's an 11 page, demo-friendly, "one hour game" made for introducing lapsed gamers and non-gamers alike to tabletop roleplaying.  I believe that Crimson Dragon Slayer, edition 1.11 shall forge a dark future.  Game on!


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