Monday, May 9, 2016

I have questions for you...

Though they tried in all their myriad ways, Disney, Florida, a cruise ship, Bermuda, my family, and one of the worst flu viruses I've ever experienced could not destroy me.  After all, I'm Venger Satanis.  I endure.

Today, I'm polling.  I want to know what you - the fans, audience, customers, friends, and critics want to see from Kort'thalis Publishing over the next few years.  Why?  Because I couldn't do it without you.  I wouldn't want to.  A roleplaying game is not a solo activity.  It's a group thing.  Without the gamers, there's no game.  Likewise, without your input, my output probably won't meet your expectations.

Don't be shy.  There are no wrong answers or stupid comments.  If you like what I've been doing so far, say so.  If you think things should go in a certain direction, say so.  If you think I should go in a completely different direction, then tell me that.  Whatever is on your mind.  Only the silent get no vote!

  1. What's your favorite/preferred RPG from Kort'thalis Publishing:  Crimson Dragon Slayer, Alpha Blue, or The Outer Presence?
  2. Should Kort'thalis Publishing focus on these three RPGs or keep come up with something new?  Bonus question, if you said "something new," then what would you like to see?
  3. In your opinion, what does CDS, AB, and/or TOP need next to keep you interested and gaming?
  4. What is your favorite/preferred tone(s)?  Sexual/sleazy, grim/dark, comedic/parody/spoof, gonzo/weird, Lovecraftian/cosmic horror, action/adventure, kitsch/vintage, etc.
  5. What is the ideal length?  Less than 10 pages (PDF only), 11 - 20 pages (PDF only), 21 - 35 pages, 36 - 80 pages, 81 - 150 pages?
  6. What's your favorite/preferred content?  Random tables, campaign/setting, detailed NPCs, maps/plans/schematics, or new monsters, items, spells?
  7. Of all Kort'thalis Publishing's books, which is your favorite cover art?
  8. Of all Kort'thalis Publishing's books, describe (with name of book and page number, if possible) three of your favorite pieces of b/w interior illustrations.  Alternatively, describe or show an example of the kind of b/w illustrations you'd like to see in a future work (naming an artist is also fine).
  9. Is there something you'd like Kort'thalis Publishing to offer that hasn't been offered yet or isn't currently available?  Such as GM screen, widespread convention support, hardcover editions, miniatures, video tutorials, more virtual one-shots on Roll20, etc.?
  10. Is there a favorite/preferred color that I haven't used yet that you'd like to see incorporated into a future work?
  11. Please let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to either see more of or less of.  Inside the box, outside the box, anything!  Your feedback is very important to me.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!


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