Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WTF Kickstarter: Cthulhu Dice Tower by Fred Fields

So, just uploaded my video (above) describing the box I received from Fred Fields' Cthulhu Dice Tower Kickstarter.  In the interest of transparency, I'm copy/pasting my email to Mr. Fields below.  It's been over 48 hours since it was sent.

Attention Mr. Fred Fields,

I just received the box of sculpted Cthulhu parts.  I knew it would be unpainted and unassembled, and even assumed there might be a little flashing here and there to flake off with nothing more than my hand, but was wholly unprepared for the massive undertaking that's required to assemble the Cthulhu dice tower in its present state.  

The mold hasn't been cleaned at all!   Particularly the crown piece that goes at the very top.  It looks like a miniature frying pan - what am I supposed to do with that massive chunk of a handle at the back?  It's impossible for me to snap it off... even wearing gloves.  And I see some clay that's meant to fix missing pieces from the tentacles.  That's fine in theory, but the clay isn't well-sculpted - it's just crudely patching the holes.

There are large chunks at the ends of almost every piece... sharp, jagged, massive chunks that I'm going to need special tools in order to make everything fit together - assuming I don't accidentally snap an important piece off in the process.  

Plus, there are no pictures.  The upcoming video will probably show us what goes where and how, but at the moment, I have nothing except the KS picture to go by.  That's not too bad, trial and error will eventually get it where it needs to be, but the pieces are in such an unrefined state that I can't help but feel displeasure at having opened and investigated the  box's contents.

At this time, I'm requesting either a replacement box with the pieces taken care of, so all I need to do is get some glue and put it together before painting or a refund of my $99 (if you send me a postage-paid return address label, I'll happily mail you back the box with all the raw pieces).

Thanks for your time,

Venger Satanis 


UPDATE:  Fred Fields agreed to refund my $99 after I mailed the box back to him.  He got his box back, I got my money back.  Hopefully, we're both a bit wiser.

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