Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Outer Presence PDF is live

Yep, it's up on DTRPG,  The print version should be available there and on Amazon by September 1st.

The system is as minimalist as I could get it, while giving players and GM options.  Personally, I feel it's old school designed from a 2015 mindset.

The actual "investigative horror" scenario has a whole bunch of things going on and should appeal to a variety of tastes - without being watered down into mediocrity.

I'd like to thank the Kickstarter backers (especially Greg Beck, Anthony DiNovo, and Chris Ayotte), contributing artists, +MonkeyBlood Design, playtesters, and everyone else who believed in this project and enthusiastically encouraged me to create The Outer Presence.

Hopefully, it's as enjoyable to read and play as it was for me to write.  I'd love to hear your feedback, so let me know how you feel.


p.s.  An extremely favorable review over here.

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