Monday, January 5, 2015

Physical Fitness (monthly progress report #3)

It's the 5th.  That means I check in with my blog regarding my monthly physical fitness.  After all, a healthy Game Master is good (yeah, just watch that slogan go viral!)  Here's last month and the one before that.

I've been trying, doing my thing.  It's ever so slowly paying off.  Though my progress is incremental, it's working.  I weighed 182 this morning.

The biggest change is introducing protein powder shakes and shying even further away from soda.  Intermittent fasting is my best friend.  Some of my lifts have been getting bigger and better, but it's also difficult to keep building muscle on a calorie deficit.  At this point, I could keep going for weight loss primarily or ease off on the calorie restriction and try to get stronger.  Not sure which I'll go for.  I guess you'll have to wait for next month.


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