Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tales of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

...but not by much.

Yes, I made it.  There were moments, I can tell you, where I wasn't sure if that would be true.  Alive and well, sitting in front of my computer screen in Wisconsin.  Disney World nearly had me, but I came back stronger, overpowering that mouse-headed serpent.

How's it going?  I missed my dialog with all of you.  What's up?

Yep, the Revelry in Torth kickstarter is still going.  It's goal is about a thousand shy.  I remember all the last minute pimping many of you took part in for Purple.  So, please feel free to poke the OSR, 5e, or sword & sorcery gaming fan virtually sitting next to you.  Perhaps he doesn't already know?

Well, guys... I think that's all for now.  A long day of traveling.  A long 10 days with my wife, her parents, and our two little girls.  Saw some amazing stuff, felt so awful that death would've been a mercy, and endured everything in between with a smile (or near enough).

It's bed time, at last.


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