Wednesday, September 3, 2014

+1 for Swagger

In last week's game, a couple situations arose where I thought a bonus was warranted.  Something besides good roleplaying or detailed description of an attack.  I'm talking unorthodox, baby!

Situations crop up during our roleplaying adventures that seem to demand some kind of nudge from the gods.  After all, a plus or minus 1 on a d20 roll isn't much, just a little 5% tap (just tap it in - tap, tap, taparoo).

 I also came up with a few instances where a penalty could be levied.  The following can be offered on a session-by-session and case-by-case basis as the table deems fit.  Just don't overdo it...

+1  Swagger bonus (also known as the Han Solo bonus - when a player handles his character with the kind of comfortable-in-his-own-shoes confidence that borders on cocky)

+1  GM Forgot Something Crucial bonus (like a player's character sheet or important rule)

+1  GM Ineptitude bonus (also known as the Brain-Fart bonus)

+1  Petitioning the Gods with Prayer bonus (this requires a heartfelt, extemporaneous speech on why the character should receive assistance now)

-1  Player Trying to Weasel out of the GM's Ruling penalty (arguing that would put a lawyer to shame - is that even possible?)

-1 Excessive Whining penalty

+1  Trying Something Outlandish bonus (when a character attempts an action he has no business attempting, yet for some reason it's almost a terrific idea, ingenious not impossible - like using a chicken as catapult ammo)

+1  You've Figured out the GM's Big Secret but Don't Know it Yet bonus (sometimes a carefully concealed plan is obvious for all the wrong reasons or maybe the player took a wild stab in the dark)

-1  Fiddling with Your Phone penalty (or tablet, computer, gadget, whatever... if a player is beyond distracted for more than a couple minutes, then it's penalty time)


Have you ever awarded a not-in-the-rules bonus or penalty because of a player's action?  Did you outright state it, fudge the roll behind your screen, or something else?  I want to know.

Also, I'm sure you guys can come up with more of these.  If you suggest something cool/funny/appropriate to this list, I might include it (credit will go in the p.s. area below).

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p.s.  Thanks to +Brett Slocum  for the GM's Big Secret bonus!

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