Friday, August 25, 2023

American Revolution


"You finally really did it.  You maniacs!  You blew it up!  Ah, damn you.  God damn you all to Hell!"

This nation, America, isn't just broken and divided... it's forever stained by what the Democrats have done.  Weaponizing the DoJ, the three-letter agencies, going after the former President and current political opposition.  

When any local official can go after President Trump and his lawyers and media personalities for looking into a 100% rigged election, you know it's both against the Constitution and common sense.  This is absolutely election interference and political persecution... banana republic stuff.  It's bad for our country and poisonous to self-governance.  

This iconic mugshot photo will go down in history as the moment when everything started to backfire on the entrenched deep state, permanent political class, and ruling elite who believe with every fiber of their being that they own us.

As Vivek Ramaswamy said in the debate just a couple nights ago, this moment is an American Revolution.  President Trump is just getting started.  I hope he picks Vivek as his running-mate for 2024, and Vice-President Ramaswamy goes on to win in 2028.

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  1. Agreed with all of this. I hope that Trump uses the mugshot for fund-raising and rubs the nose of all US in it, so they can see that their inattention hath wrought ...

    1. I read somewhere that Trump was already selling copies of the mugshots on his website.

    2. Oh yeah, everyone is! Also, Tim Pool's team made a Trump mugshot image with the Obama "hope" colors... but it says "REVENGE" !!! ;)

  2. So disheartening.

    Makes me want to go crawl in a hole somewhere and die ☠️

    And at the same time my blood is boiling over this crap!

    I need to lose myself in a good book, movie, or video game

    Wake me when this madness is over

  3. The problem is also that people in other countries can only base their opinion on our lefist media spindoctoring that then gets narrated to their countries. They believe that America is mostly just, and all of these people must surely have done terrible things to be pursued in this way. When I explain to them the particulars and how the law is being stretched and subverted to make any opposition illegal (along with labeling any public dissent as "disinformation," "domestic terrorism," "hate speech," etc.) these people invariably agree that these are the sort of tactics previously employed by only the most ruthless, Communist dictatorships.
    The day Trump won the Presidency, Pelosi vowed that she would impeach him. How do you impeach a newly installed President who has yet to act? They were trying to discredit him during that election and have never stopped.
    Trump didn't succeed in "draining the swamp." Too many crooked Republicans were also sitting on lilypads. If he gets in again, he shouldn't drain it. He should fill it with concrete.
    We should also have an unbiased search engine that doesn't filter results based on what it gets paid to show you. I'm getting tired of providing rabid liberals with factual (not conspiracy theorist) information that's readily available if you know how and where to look. Incidentally, Google runs Blogspot. Even now, we are probably being labeled as Enemies of the (Deep) State..😱😁

    1. At least Australia news sees through the bullshit. Eventually, America, Canada, and western Europe will lean conservative with a right-wing populism.

    2. Yeah, I love some of those Australian commentaries. They do a better job than Fox. Fox has better eye candy though.. lol