Friday, October 7, 2022

CHA'ALT Books For Sale


Some recent reviews coming out now (and more on the way) for the Cha'alt trilogy.  Here's a video review for Cha'alt.  Here's the one for Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise.  The third book is coming soon from that reviewer and RPG Pundit.

Not everybody loves it, but everyone has an opinion!  If forced to make a comparison, I'd say Cha'alt is similar in tone to Anomalous Subsurface Environment and Maze of the Blue Medusa.

BTW, you can also get the gorgeous hardcover Cha'alt books via my latest Kickstarter campaign for Encounter Critical III.  If you'd rather get them that way, cool.  If you're not into crowdfunding and all that, buy them direct from me (I also have a retailer special running the month of October).

Here are the prices...

  • Cha'alt  -  $50 (add $40 for non-USA shipping)
  • Fuchsia Malaise  -  $50 (add $40 for non-USA shipping)
  • Chartreuse Shadows  -  $64 (add $40 for non-USA shipping)
  • ALL THREE BOOKS  -  $140 (add $60 for non-USA shipping)
  • FOUR TRILOGY SETS  -  $400 (USA only)

All first edition, professionally printed hardcovers come signed, numbered, and personalized with a little doodle.  Physical media always includes the PDF, just let me know your DTRPG email address.

Here's a testimonial from a recent fan who's just discovered a whole new world...

I recommend CHARTREUSE SHADOWS. I admire the quality of the book. The artwork, photos, & writing are entertaining, sexy, horrific. Hunter S. Thompson meets H.P. Lovecraft. A variety of adventures for heroes & scoundrels. Some exciting, some hilarious, some repulsive.

How do you actually purchase one or more of these eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic campaign setting tomes?  Paypal me at

If paypal doesn't work for you, email me for an alternative.  Thanks!


p.s. Plenty of time to grab a ticket for July 2023's Madison, WI old-school, OSR, and traditional RPG convention - VENGER CON II: Electric Boogaloo (limited to 100 attendees).


  1. Okay, let's put it this way. If you like GTA V as a video game, you're going to love Cha'alt as an RPG. Why? Satire. Tons and tons of satire. This game is THE Kitchen Sink game for anyone looking for a setting with some serious flavor. It can be as serious as you want (the setting is pretty damn deadly for Player Characters) or as goofy as you want. It can even be somewhere in the in-between. The entire game is customizeable (as any game should be) and the books are quality. Also, while there are many pop-culture references, this book is not married to any one concept in particular. Dune, Dark Sun, Lovecraft, Star Wars, the edge of Hunter S. Thompson's wild hallucinatory references and many more all play a role as much as you do. If you like mechs, Cha'alt. You like wizardry and sorcery, Cha'alt. Like something other than just a warm tavern where anything can happen? Cha'alt. The price tag on the books isn't deceptive marketing, the pages are great, the artwork is fantastic and these books aren't going to fall apart on you. I mean you can even lose the dust jackets and they'll still look beautiful on a shelf as well as the RPG table. Wanna try before you buy, pick up the PDFs available on and have a look. They're inexpensive enough to where, once you do have a look, you'll want the physical copies, provided you have a sense of humor and a sense of adventure.

    1. Couldn't have said it better, hoss. Shemhamfora'ash!