Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Chartreuse Shadows coming soon...


The raw text for Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows was completed yesterday.  I'm going to give it one last look today before sending it over to the proofreaders.  

I fully expect the PDF to be finished by the end of March, and hopefully (tentacles crossed), I'll have 1,000 gorgeous, luxury, hardcover books in my hands by July.  That's assuming supply chain issues don't cause delays.

The main feature of Chartreuse Shadows is the megadungeon Cremza'amirikza'am.  I'm excited to show everyone because it's really cool.  I don't know, maybe it's the most awesome (certainly in the running for the most Venger) gaming thing I've ever written.

Not everyone's going to love it, of course.  And that's ok.  If I wanted bland, beige content that didn't risk offending anyone, I'd take one of those low-paid internships at D&D, or simply hop onto DM's Guild.

Thanks to everyone who's attended my playtests, the amazing artists and crowd-source dudes on social media who gave me suggestions, backed the Kickstarter(s), supported me, bought my stuff, helped with promotion, and is doing their own thing, their own way.  I appreciate you!


p.s. Now, that January is here... it's time to rev-up promotion for VENGER CON in Madison, WI this July. Nothing but old-school, OSR, and traditional roleplaying games for an entire weekend.  Attendance limited to 100 people.  Grab your ticket before they run out.  The hotel is saving a block of discounted rooms, as well.

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