Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dungeons & Delvers: Red Book

For those who don't already know, David Guyll restarted his Kickstarter campaign.  It looks better than ever!

Basically, this is an OSR re-imagining of classic D&D.  My favorite part is probably the artwork.  David and his wife Melissa have their own unique aesthetic which looks weird and old school... while still being contemporary and fresh.

  • Control complexity without sacrificing competency
  • Multiple magic systems with mechanics backed by distinct flavor
  • Simple, useful, and robust crafting mechanics
  • Fresh takes on classic monsters

Full disclosure, David has been doing layout work for me these last few months.  He's a friend, but that also means I know his work.  It's not only awesome, but he gets shit done on time.  That alone should give backers comfort.

So, check it out and back this sucker!


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