Friday, May 10, 2019

Sect of the Gleaming Polyhedrons

I'm thinking about starting a new religion, one based around roleplaying games.

Why a religion?  Because gaming to me is more than just a pastime, hobby, or side-hustle.  It gives me purpose.  It defines me.  And it's a whole lot bigger than I am, greater than I am.  Outside of family, RPGs are what's most important to me.

Why not crystallize that into a spiritual movement, an organization that'll take it as seriously as it deserves... without taking ourselves too seriously. 

This is the first and only commandment...

1. Enjoy roleplaying games as much as possible... at least once a week, preferably.  

Anyone interested in joining?

More details when I get back from vacation.  Have a good one, y'all.



  1. I can ponder being a Gamemaster like a boss, taking it to some further-out objective like a minor god. We all tamper with the fabric of reality in our own way. Now, related to the type of GM from a previous thread. I saw a few dieties represented. Then it was mentioned as to Dungeon master alignment as a codification. I will have to take a moment with concept of a religion based on RPG.

    1. This sounds more like a fraternal order, I already believe they make lovely fez with Icosahedron and dodecahedron on them. Then you could still keep up the CoC and not have any conflicting belief systems

  2. I declare heresy and present a 2nd commandment: Thou shall give thy GM a slice of pizza of every two slices thou consume during game. Abandon false prophet Venger and join my ranks!